Christmas Vacation

I thought this was an interesting comment from a mom on one of my local homeschooling message boards:

"With the holidays upon us, it really saddens me when my "schooly" friends
make comments about how they are stuck with their children for 2 weeks for
break and comment on how they don't know how I can homeschool and be with my children all the time. In my reality, I can't imagine NOT being with them! I
have thoroughly enjoyed the past few days of baking holiday goodies,
listening to holiday music, wrapping gifts, decorating and just the whole
excitement of it all. Sure, there are days when my kids DO drive me crazy
and I need a break, but when they are gone to Grandma's for a weekend or
whatever, I miss them terribly."

Christmas garland

J took a nice 2 1/2 hour nap this morning, so M and I made garland out of construction paper to decorate the Christmas tree!

December Ornaments

We've been busy since Thanksgiving with lots of fun activities and adventures as usual. We put up our Christmas tree and I found a great recipe for ornaments that were really fun to make.