The Nutcracker

Today was M's first time seeing The Boston Ballet's "Nutcracker" performance at the Boston Opera House and she really enjoyed it. We have been reading the book and listening to the music for months now which helped her to understand and appreciate the story. It was great to see her make connections to the book, like when the godfather's life-size dolls danced, M said: "Oh that must be Columbine!" And when I asked her if they were going to Sugar Plum Land, she quickly corrected me to say, "No, it's the Land of the Sweets." But she did not like when parts of the ballet differed from the book, like a dancing bear in the initial party scene and a hot air balloon ride for Clara and the prince. We took a fun taxi ride to the Opera House and then the subway home, while stopping for hot chocolate along the way. All in all, it was quite lovely and the perfect way to kick-off the holiday season! I hope this becomes an annual tradition for us!