Indoor Beach Party

After dinner tonight, the kids and I were talking about how cold and snowy it has been and how we are looking forward to summer and swimming, so I suggested that we have an indoor beach party. M donned her bathing suit and we had lots of laughs while pretending to make sand castles on the kitchen floor, put on our swimmies, drink lemonade and eat watermelon. (Next time I will have some lemonade on hand so that we can actually drink the real thing!) We pretended to throw water balloons at each other, put on sunblock, and watch the boats go by, all while naming sea creatures and listening to the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett on the iPad.

I am definitely making a concerted effort these days to be more creative and spontaneous with our activities to foster fun and imagination -- and help us endure this unusually cold and snowy winter with smiles and laughs.