Symphony and Justice

Today M went with Daddy to her second family concert of the year at Symphony Hall. It's such a great resource for city homeschooling!

But beyond the symphony, the more important lesson M learned today was how to stand up against injustice. On the bus ride to the concert, a white woman boarded the bus and began verbally attacking the black bus driver with racial slurs and other nasty words. After this continued unabated, my amazing husband stood up in the bus and told the woman that if she didn't stop her verbal assaults, he and everyone else on the bus would stand and wait for her to leave the bus. Everyone on the bus cheered! Sure enough, the swears kept on coming so the bus driver pulled over, and Daddy and many others stood around the woman and waited over 10 minutes for her to exit the bus, which she finally did. What a wonderful lesson in courage, justice, and human goodness for M to witness!