Mouse Mastery

M has been asking for a mouse to use with the computer so that she can navigate by herself, so today after music class, we went to the store and got a mouse. For the first few minutes of M using the mouse, I didn't know if she'd catch on... and then there was no stopping her!! She's unbelievable with the mouse, navigating her way through the websites I set for her, returning, by herself, to the main menu to start over.
It's great, now, to go to where she made pumpkins and snowmen and did the ABCs -- all by herself! I just can't get over how skilled she is and how quickly she caught on! When you think about the amount of coordination it takes to use a mouse, it really is astounding.

This opens up an entirely new set of learning possibilities for us.... It also makes me have a greater appreciation for I have heard so many great things about this website, but always found that it was either too easy (because she already knows her letters and letter sounds), or too hard, (because she doesn't know how to read). There didn't seem to be much in between. But now that she can navigate the site herself, it is awesome for her!