More Rewarding Parenting

My new focus on homeschooling and "purposeful parenting" is so much more rewarding and enjoyable -- and tiring! -- than preparatory parenting. I look at each day, each activity as a learning opportunity for the kids, even if it's unstructured. Tuesday was a busy day for us with music in the morning followed by our playdate. After some downtime, we played a new game I made up called "story basket" where M fills her little basket with objects and together we make up a story about them. After that, we walked to the Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market is so much fun for her-- and me! M took her pocketbook, selected a zucchini and some other fruits and veggies and gave the clerk the quarters I had given her in her pocketbook. It was really cute. Then we sat in the chairs by the market and ate a snack and enjoyed some leisure time until our friends called to meet us at the library park.