What I Look Forward To!

Like the epiphany I had when we canceled our plans for a traditional wedding in favor of an elopement, I feel so liberated and relieved by our decision to homeschool.

Here are just some of the things that I am excited about, in no particular order:

- Witnessing "real" learning taking place and instilling a lifelong love of learning and discovery in our kids.
- Observing our kids' interests evolve and cultivating opportunities to pursue those interests.
- Being part of a homeschool community with parents who genuinely like being with their kids.
- Letting our kids get some real sleep and not be woken by alarms at ungodly hours to trek out into all kinds of weather in order to meet a morning bell.
- Watching our kids find little nooks in which to curl up with their books or crafts.
- Reading books with our kids that I never read, like Jane Austen and others.
- Giving our kids hugs and kisses whenever I want.
- Gathering around the kitchen table (or elsewhere) for learning time.
- Taking a week off at random times throughout the year when it's convenient for Daddy's busy work schedule or when we just need a break.
- Working our learning schedules around Daddy's hectic schedule -- and the varied schedules of our kids.
- Diving in to a "curriculum" that uses field trips as a fundamental and frequent learning tool and not as a once-a-year treat.
- Exploring the museums, zoos, parks, libraries, and other cultural and educational venues in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week instead of fighting weekend crowds.
- Delving into periodic learning themes, like Ancient Greece, or Russian Literature, or early-19th century architecture.
- Making connections with community "teachers," like our librarians, museum staff members, and various instructors.
- Spending lots of time with my kids doing what they love and learning from it.
- Enjoying a gorgeous September Tuesday at our lakehouse.