A Day in the Life

When I really take a moment to reflect on all the great learning experiences that the kids are exposed to on any given day, it really is remarkable. For example, this morning we went to our homeschool playgroup and M and the other kids spent part of the time sitting together in a circle under the slide spontaneously telling stories! So cute. Then, during J's nap, M had some quiet play time where she chit-chatted with her dolls, created imaginative little stories, and played with her word puzzles. After quiet time, we looked up Spanish words that she wanted to know in the Spanish dictionary. Then, I decided for "math" time to print out and number 100 little bus cards. M loves reading the numbers on the city buses when they pass us by, so I thought she'd love this activity. After nap, we headed to the library to borrow some books on spiders because we discovered a spectacular spider living on our deck and she wanted to learn more about them. Daddy was working from home for much of the day, so he was able to spend extra reading time with M at the library while J and I went to the market and I started making dinner. After dinner, we played in our backyard, then had bath and bed! What a wonderful day of learning and exploration.... as usual!