Rainy Day

Today was the first really wash-out day we've had in awhile and it was kind of nice. We spent the morning at the museum, which was empty when we arrived at 9 and jammed when we left at 11. We saw an amazing beehive, watched little chicks try to hatch from their eggs, examined what A looks like in utero, swung on some swings, dug in an archaeological site, performed an experiment, and participated in various other fun adventures along the way. Then M had "quiet play" time while J napped and mommy gained her second wind. M and I read books and then baked homemade oatmeal cookies! Yum. Then it was off to Spanish music class, which as much as M loves Spanish right now, I'm thinking has never seemed to be a good fit for us and I think we might avoid it this fall. We have enough going on!