Tuesday marked the start of school for our city, and we got to spend it with friends at a fabulously empty museum, to which we took a fun bus ride. Later we went to story time at the library.

And in my quest to increase the amount of pure, outdoor air time we get so as to get close to Charlotte Mason's recommended 6 hours, we spent a good 4 1/2 hours of pure outside time on Tuesday, including eating lunch and dinner and not including our general "out-of-the-house" time, like trips to the museum and library, which occupy much of our busy days!

I love seeing the kids get all mucky in the backyard and watching M build bird nests and make paper kites. What a wonderful gift to allow kids to be kids -- to get dirty and explore different natural textures and expand their imaginations. I'm just glad that the "first day of school" involved so much fresh air, imagination, culture and muck-- but then again that's every day of our "school!"