October crafts

Auntie visited today so of course she had all sorts of fun crafts for M! They made little ghosts out of an old, cut-up t-shirt and some string, and then had lots of fun with black and orange felt to create pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. (And Auntie bought me my very own hot glue gun so that I can continue to push myself to improve in the craft area!)

It was also such a lovely fall day that they were able to spend their craft time outside and we were able to get about 5+ hours of pure outside air time today, including outside dinner which we've been doing more often than not on the picnic table in our building's backyard. I just love having so much fresh air time, and as dusk is creeping earlier and earlier these days, it's making me shudder to think about how much inside time is just around the corner!

Also, continuing on my seemingly weekly praise for our local museums, on Monday M asked me out of nowhere, "Mom, how many people are on the Earth?" Not a bad question for a not-yet-four-year-old! I answered 6 billion, but then the next day at the museum we happened upon an exhibit that keeps the current running tally of the world population-- 7.7 billion. What a neat way, though, to again weave real-life questions and curiosity into our daily educational discoveries.