I really think "homeschooling" is a complete misnomer, especially for city homeschoolers. The majority of our week is definitely spent outside of our home, so "outschooling" is a much more appropriate term for our learning.

I continue to be amazed at the array of community learning resources available to us in the city. At the museum this morning, we watched a wonderful live animal exhibit and I learned that these presentations occur daily now that it's fall. Taking advantage of these presentations will most certainly become a bigger part of our weekly schedule, especially now that M is old enough to appreciate them and J can be easily distracted (at least for a bit) with my cell phone. Today's animal was the American Kestrel and after the 30 minute talk, during snack, M and I talked about what she learned and gleaned from the presentation, which was happily more than I expected.

And this again reinforces a wonderful element of city homeschooling: that we often need to simply be facilitators of our children's learning, guiding them to educational resources, while various subject-matter experts and community instructors do the teaching. What better way to instill in our kids a love of learning and discovery than to expose them to so many experts who are passionate about their subjects!