Urban Agricultural Fair

Our city hosted its annual Urban Agricultural Fair today, celebrating local growers and harvests.

My daughter, who has been an enthusiastic member of the city's "pod patrol," was invited to sit at the "pod patrol" station and educate passersby about black swallow-wort, an invasive plant species with pods that look strikingly similar to nurturing milkweed, and as a result trick butterflies into hopelessly laying their eggs there. She planned for the festival all week as she picked pods in our neighborhood, and was thrilled to help spread the word about these malicious pods at today's fair.

The city cultivates learning moments like today's and creates opportunities for community involvement and activism. Homeschooling allows us the gift of time to seize these learning moments for our children, build on them, and watch them lead to new insights and discoveries-- all while collaborating with our neighbors and becoming immersed in our community.