City Storm Prep

As of this morning, the only preparation I had done to get ready for tomorrow's anticipated hurricane was to stock up on library books and find some online resources to help my older daughter better understand what hurricanes are and how they are formed-- with a good introductory lesson on latitude and longitude too!

I bumped into a neighbor yesterday afternoon, on her way to the library for books to endure a rainy weekend, and she and I both remarked at how lackadaisically we were viewing this impending storm. We both seemed to agree that it was probably being blown out of proportion by the media, and that, should it hit, we in the city would be the first to have utilities and roadways restored.

Then I spoke with my more "seasoned" neighbors; those who have witnessed over the years the unpredictability and strength of New England storms. They were more cautious of this hurricane, more willing to recognize its potential for damage even as it weakens, more suggestive that we prepare "just in case."

So today I joined the masses at the market to fill my stroller with enough food and supplies to handle a hurricane, and to host a hurricane party for the neighbors in our building. "Dark 'n' Stormy" cocktails anyone?