Learning Corners: Coffee Table Books

I recently got this idea, prompted by some Montessori literature I was reading, to gather together a bunch of coffee table-type books and place them on, well, the coffee table for the kids to explore at their leisure.

It is such a perfectly simple idea and has me thinking about other ways to casually create little learning corners throughout my home.

I am finding the kids thumbing through the books, glancing at the photos, asking random questions here and there-- or chewing the pages if you're a six-month-old.

I borrowed some large picture books from the library and rummaged through stacks of old books in our home for this first round of curiosity-sparking coffee table books, but I now get more excited when I see weekend signs for city sidewalk sales hoping there will be more big, colorful, interesting books to gather for the coffee table.

What are your ideas? What have you done to create little learning corners in your home to spark your children's curiosity?