Our New Wheels

We easily put more miles on our two strollers on average each week than we do on our car, and we haven't had a new stroller in years, so it was fun to splurge on one. We still cherish our big, old, beat-up, rusty, mildewy double stroller and our equally old and tattered light-weight umbrella stroller, but ooooo is it fabulous to have a shiny, new set of wheels to dash around the city!

I was so eager to take our new stroller out for a spin today that we grabbed the bus to our local toy store to pick it up and then spent all afternoon with it out and about in the city. As I mentioned in my earlier post this week on "10 City Parenting Must-Haves," I am a big fan of collapsible, lightweight strollers for crowded city buses, busy restaurants, and bustling museums -- not to mention taxis, airports and train stations.

So let's talk stroller types and brands! What are your favorites? Which stroller(s) do you think is essential? Which ones do you like for babies, for bigger kids? I have a couple of friends expecting their third babies who are starting to research new strollers. What do you recommend?