Why Do You Home School?

It has been so interesting and enjoyable to read the comments, both here and on the blog's Facebook page, about the different homeschooling approaches families choose. After thinking about the "how" of homeschooling, what about the "why?"

Why did you/do you/will you home school?

According to a 2008 National Center for Education Statistics report, here are the top five reasons why families choose to home school:

1. A concern about the school environment
2. A desire to provide religious or moral instruction
3. A dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools
4. A non-traditional approach to child's education
5. Other reasons

We choose homeschooling for "a non-traditional approach to child's education," allowing us to tailor our children's learning to individual interests and needs and providing the time and space for our children's innate curiosity to bloom and expand.

What about you? Check out the Facebook poll as well!