Weekend "Trip"

To celebrate my little guy's third birthday, we took a mini-"trip" here in the city. Using Daddy's frequent traveler points, we got a room at a local hotel and enjoyed a new launching point from which to explore the city's sites. A highlight of the weekend was Boston's one-and-only "Truck Day," the annual date when the Red Sox equipment truck is loaded for departure to spring training down south. Only in Boston, with our dedicated fans, would a baseball team's "truck day" spawn crowd-gathering festivities.

I wonder if Attachment Parenting helps contribute to peaceful family travel, as close-to-home or far away as that travel may be. We are all accustomed to sharing a bed, so there are no sleepless hotel nights. (We put the mattress on the floor to protect our night-crawlers.) We try to stay focused on our children's needs and the signals they send, and we maintain our usual calm-active-calm-active-calm cadence even when away. And while there was definitely a lot of pasta consumed this weekend, we tried to bring and buy many healthy food options (save for the birthday cake, of course!) With lots of out-of-town family travel planned for this spring and summer, it's nice to know that Attachment Parenting helps to make our trips calm and enjoyable.

What do you think? When traveling with your kids, do you find that Attachment Parenting helps your trips run smoothly and happily?