Balancing Act(ivities)

When first considering homeschooling, prospective city homeschoolers may wonder how they will fill their days. Very soon, however, it becomes apparent that the real issue is deciding among too many activities, not too few! In addition to the usual community class offerings for kids, like gymnastics, dance, art, and after-school youth sports, members of local homeschool groups often sponsor activities by "grade level" on various topics. Many organizations, like dance companies or swimming arenas, offer daytime classes for homeschoolers. Combine these programs with homeschool park days, homeschool sports teams, and the litany of classes that many cities' museums and libraries offer just for homeschoolers, and you realize your challenge will be making sure you are not too over-scheduled each week!

Here in the Boston area, several museums and local organizations offer classes specifically for homeschoolers. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Franklin Park Zoo, and the New England Aquarium provide frequent classes for homeschoolers, and just outside the city, the Massachusetts Audubon Society offers a variety of nature exploration classes for homeschoolers. Many museums and organizations are also very happy to create a specialized, group program just for homeschoolers, so it's worth inquiring.

It can be both exciting and challenging to wade through all of the homeschool offerings in your city to discover the right blend of structured activities and unstructured learning time -- and to make sure that most of your day isn't spent in the car or subway train!

Boston homeschoolers: what other homeschool classes and activities do you recommend?