Creating Classes in the City

One of the great things about city homeschooling is that we are able to connect deeply with our community and create learning opportunities for our kids. Cities are fortunate to have lots of independent boutique stores that are often very eager to accommodate homeschoolers.

For example, a lovely new craft and knitting store just opened nearby. When we visited, lots of people were sitting in comfy chairs knitting and chatting or using the store's sewing machines. M got to select some yarn and lots of felt for craft time. I mentioned to the owner our homeschooling connection, and she said she is thrilled to offer special private classes for homeschoolers at our convenience and tailored to our interests. I have found this type of outreach to be common at other local stores and venues that would be happy to welcome homeschoolers to their space or plan special classes just for us. Often all it takes is inquiring about various possibilities with your local shopowners to create fun and informative classes for your homeschoolers!