Homeschool Park Days

Despite today's cold temperatures and spitting snow, the first full day of spring marks the return of weekly homeschool park days! It was so nice to venture to the park and catch-up with homeschool friends, several of whom we haven't seen since winter began. The kids got right to work gathering sticks and pine cones for pretend play, drawing on the concrete walkway, and, of course, playing in the playground. It was also nice to meet some new prospective city homeschoolers who are trying to decide if homeschooling is right for them.

Park days provide excellent opportunities to connect with other homeschoolers and form friendships -- for both the kids and the grown-ups. It's always nice to chat with other homeschoolers about their homeschooling strategies, philosophies, techniques, and lessons learned -- that is, when we're not chasing after toddlers!