Journey or Destination?

One of the things I like most about city-living is that I rarely drive my car. (Although our small sedan does have three carseats installed across the backseat which my husband asserts is one of his proudest accomplishments.)

Much of what we do is accessible by walking or public transportation, which inherently creates fun learning moments for the kids who are absolutely enchanted by the city bus and subway. So I'm not sure which activity the kids found more enjoyable today: visiting the Aquarium for the members-only viewing of the new “touch tank,” or actually getting there.

I thought about driving because it's a shorter, more direct ride with easy parking and we were meeting friends. For city homeschoolers, however, so much of our learning evolves from the sights and sounds we observe on our way to a destination. So even though the path to our end-point may be somewhat circuitous, and we may contend with toddler tantrums and fussy babies along the way, the real joy of homeschooling is the journey.