Patriots' Day

Our city hosted a Patriots' Day ceremony today. This is my second year taking the kids, and even though some of the speeches and introductions are a bit dry for them, I really think it is important for the kids to be exposed to events like this that celebrate our nation's history and pay respect to our veterans.

The highlight of today's ceremony was seeing William Dawes arrive on horseback to warn that "the British are coming" on his way to Lexington! Earlier in the day, we listened to Longfellow's poem, "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere," on

Holidays like this one provide so many learning opportunities for homeschoolers of all ages. For preschoolers, it's a simple introduction to history and freedom. For older kids, it can be intertwined with an elaborate study of the American Revolution and the history, geography, literature, and culture of the Revolutionary era. This type of multi-disciplinary, thematic learning is often called "unit studies" and is a popular curriculum approach for homeschoolers. This website has a good description of unit studies and links to additional resources.