I love June. Long days, warmer winds, and the bursting desire to discover the outdoors after a snowy winter and capricious spring make June the ideal month for hiking with the kids.

We spent yesterday morning meandering along a curvy bike path at a nearby state forest. While in the city we have lots of rules and limitations on our walks along busy sidewalks, here in the country, quiet forests allow for unfettered exploration. J can linger by the ferns and pick up every rock, while M can ride her bike freely. The woods create so many organic learning moments for the kids and allow all of us to decompress and marvel at Mother Nature.

We switched from forest to seashore yesterday afternoon, and took a short hike to a rocky beach where Daddy and the kids investigated countless snails and crabs in the tidal pools, while A and I watched from the picnic blanket.

There is so much joy in hiking and exploring outdoors with the kids. Here is a great article on hiking with kids from the summer issue of Rhythm of the Home. Written by a homeschooling mom in Colorado, it has some great insights about maximizing family time in the woods. Happy hiking!