More Plimoth Plantation

The thing I like most about museum memberships is that they provide the flexibility to visit on a whim and stay as long or as little as we like. I consider our many museum memberships to be our homeschooling "tuition" and a pivotal part of our homeschooling experience.

We purchased a Plimoth Plantation membership and have found it to be a great spot for the kids. Today was rainy, but we headed back to the plantation anyway and bought some herbs and plants from their horticultural area and then visited the Family Discovery Station, which has many Colonial toys and props and dress-up clothes for pretend play. We managed to get outside onto the nature trails in between raindrops. The heavy rains came after we were there for a couple of hours, which is about as much time as little attention spans can endure anyway.

Our learning continued into the afternoon, however, when we found a 17th century Wampanoag recipe on the Plimoth Plantation website and cooked up a delicious cornmeal porridge while listening to some classic 17th century music on Pandora. It hit the spot on this cool and rainy Saturday!