Infant Wisdom

It's been a busy holiday week. Our days have been filled with family gatherings, meals with friends, and city holiday events. I was beginning to sense that the week was catching up to all of us. The kids had more moments of crankiness, more short-fuses, more sugar-fueled outbursts. With a Sunday morning brunch and a busy afternoon planned today, holiday overload was kicking in.

As I was nursing my 10-month-old early this afternoon, knowing she was done, I grew impatient that she was still lingering, unwilling to let go so we could move along with packing snacks, donning jackets, and leaving for our next activity. Then I stopped and realized what she was telling me: "mama, slow down and stay."

So we did. After a week of go-go-go, today we slowed and stayed. We shortened our brunch, canceled our afternoon plans, and spent our afternoon together in the quiet comfort of home and family.

Our children teach us, show us, tell us. All we need to do is listen.