Weekly Mothering Challenge: Simplify Playspaces

I hate clutter. Luckily, living in a city condo provides the motivation to keep our space as clutter-free as possible, but still toys and objects can sometimes accumulate and invade our limited space.

As birthdays and holidays near, I thought now was a good time to do a major de-cluttering of our playspaces. I am drawn to the idea of "less is more" for kids--and adults too. With too many toys, it seems kids can get easily overloaded and not have the freedom to play more fully and creatively with the toys they have. So yesterday, I packed up four trash bags worth of toys to donate, and retained the high-quality, often-used, multi-purpose toys that are now more prominently displayed and easily accessible.

There is still more simplifying and streamlining to be done this week. I love reading stories of "radical minimalists," like those who live with only 100 total possessions. I don't aspire to be that radical, but I do think the idea of living with fewer, more valued possessions makes a lot of sense--both to create a calmer, more creative home and also to maximize small city spaces. In addition to the toys that are already bagged and ready to donate, I think I can probably fill at least two or three additional bags with toys or items that we could stow away in the basement and see how much we miss them.

Join me this week to simplify our playspaces! I'd love to hear your tips on de-cluttering and any results you discover from a simpler space.