There have been a few coincidences over the past week. Last Friday, I announced the giveaway for Mary Ann Hoberman's children's book, The Seven Silly Eaters, a family favorite amusingly highlighting one mom's attempt to satisfy her seven picky eaters. Then a few days later, I received some comments on one of my posts from a (real-life) mom of seven, Miiko, that I found fascinating. I was so intrigued by her comments, mainly by her observation that after three kids it gets easier, that I implored her to tell me more.

She obliged and allowed me the privilege of sharing her fascinating insights:

"When I had one little one I tried to do my absolute best to understand her and when I had two I did my absolute best to be fair. When I had three there really wasn't enough me to go around. It took some time for me to process that I wasn't falling behind or failing. It took time for me to realize the wealth my incapabilities offered my babies. You know how three can be. It's outnumbering! In a nutshell four and onward means that there's always someone on your team. There's always a helping hand. The kids are forced to grow together in such a tight unit that they really empathize well too. They develop a natural desire to grow up and be productive and responsible. That and the fact that all the hard work you did to set the tone in the home with the first three kids does not go to waste. When kids are born into a home where all the kids wash their hands before dinner, as soon as the little one can walk to the table she just wants to line up with the gang to wash her hands before she sits down."

While it's unlikely that I would have seven children, I do find that in many ways mothering is easier with more kids, particularly now as my oldest nears age five and is more helpful and involved. I still maintain that going from zero to one was the most difficult, and in many ways two to three children has been easier than one to two because the two older ones entertain each other and the younger one goes with the flow.

I thank Miiko for her thoughts on family dynamics with seven children, and it's inspired me to give away SEVEN copies of The Seven Silly Eaters book! Victoria, Annie, Patti, GriffinsMama, Urban Schooling, HollyElise, and Basbusa'sMama-- click on my profile link on the sidebar to email me your postal information and watch your mailbox for the book!