Community Art

One of the great things about city homeschooling is the wide availability of various arts programs for kids. City-sponsored art programs, art museum classes, and private art center offerings can lead to a robust and engaging art curriculum.

We have enrolled in various art classes around our city, but my current favorite spot is a popular local drop-in art studio for kids called Mucky Kids. The freedom and flexibility that drop-in, pay-as-you-go art sessions offer are invaluable to us as unschoolers. For city parents in particular, a dedicated community crafting spot offers the space and supplies that small city homes sometimes lack.

Today my five-year-old created ornaments and holiday accessories, while my two-year-old played with modeling clay, and my 11-month-old sat contentedly with some jingle bells and pipe cleaners.

The cost of kids creating, crafting, cultivating an appreciation for community art? $12 per kid.

Not having glitter in my kitchen? Priceless.