Merry Days

This holiday weekend, I am feeling...

* delighted that Harvard Yard is once again open just in time for Christmas walks

* lucky that last-minute shopping is only steps away

* grateful for aunts, grandmothers, friends--and our neighborhood deli--for helping with food and party preparations

* glad that my endeavor to serve healthy party snacks, save for some essential homemade holiday cookies, satisfied the partygoers

* delighted by snow flurries on Christmas Day

* in awe that my littlest one wasn't even here last Christmas

* relieved that we were not completely overwhelmed with gifts and toys and wrappings

* pleased that an empty cardboard box remains the best gift of all

* thankful for celebrating this special season with dear friends and family

* captivated by childhood wonder and imagination

* fortunate to spend a peaceful, quiet evening with Daddy after a very full, very merry weekend

Wishing you merry days throughout the New Year!