Friday Nightlife

My Friday night ritual this fall has been to take the kids on the subway in the afternoon to meet Daddy at his downtown office building and then all go out for a yummy Italian dinner in the North End. The mildness of this New England autumn has made these excursions extra fun, but regardless of the weather, Friday night family dinners are anticipated all week long by both the kids and the grown-ups.

Throughout this fall, we have ventured to many North End restaurants, some recommended by local North End parents and others that we just happened upon in our wanderings. I have to say that of all the spots we've been to this year, Mother Anna's on Hanover Street is by far the most family-friendly. Good food, great service, spacious and accommodating of little ones, this place might now become our "regular" Friday night hang-out.

For grown-up-only nights, there are other great places in the North End, and of course elsewhere in the city; but with lots of kids in tow for an early weekend dinner, Mother Anna's has my vote.

Boston parents: Will you share your favorite spots in the city for dining-out with kids?