The one drawback of homebirth....

I will admit that there is one drawback to a homebirth: getting the Social Security card. Between spending time on the phone on hold with the government to find out what documents would be acceptable to prove my daughter's existence, and then wasting a morning in line at the Social Security office to present these documents, I actually spent more time dealing with the Social Security Administration than I did pushing out my baby.

I postponed the inevitably of the Social Security office for as long as possible, but as the end of the year nears and tax time approaches, it was time to get this nuisance out of the way. Still, even with the added steps of getting a Social Security Number for a homebirth baby compared to the seamlessness of one being issued by a hospital at birth, I would gladly deal with these administrative hassles to experience the safety, comfort, and exhilaration of a homebirth.

As my daughter's first birthday nears, I am reminded more vividly of her beautiful homebirth. Due on New Year's Day and born one week later, the anticipation of the holidays was joined by eagerness for her arrival. During this holiday season, I am reminded of the excitement that filled our home last year at this time, wondering when she would arrive. My first two children had their birthdays chosen for them in unnecessary labor inductions, but my littlest one enjoyed the increasingly fading privilege of choosing her own birthday, entering the world when and how she wanted.

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