One City, Three Rinks

Note to self: Do not assume that just because the temperature finally dipped into the 30s today, the city's two outdoor ice skating rinks are open for the season....

We walked to Harvard Square for the season opener of the outdoor rink only to realize that it's next Sunday. No problem, let's just hop on the subway to the Kendall Square outdoor rink, we thought. Again, not open yet.
At this point, two of my three little people were tired from walking and traveling, and hovered on the brink of a disappointment meltdown while my third little one squawked for some mama's milk. Fortunately, it occurred to me that we weren't too far from our city's third rink, an indoor one that as luck would have it was offering public skating at that exact moment. Our rink crisis was averted, some sweet little ones enjoyed ice time, and Daddy and I were very grateful for our city's bountiful back-up plans.