Almost Spring

One of our family's favorite springtime children's books, is the now out-of-print story, "It's Spring," She Said, by Joan W. Blos.  A gem if you can find it in your local library, it reminds us of early spring's teases: beautiful, warm, sundress days that lure us in to thinking winter is finally over only to be tricked with more frosty days ahead. Today was one of those March teases, granting us all of that glimmering sunshine and warmth; just enough for us to know that spring is coming but is not here quite yet.

Still, it's on these special spring-like days, days spent mostly outside surrounded by the natural world, that I am most grateful for the freedom and joy of homeschooling. Enjoying a picnic lunch in the sunshine while the kids explore the softening soil and run in the breeze. Making plans for springtime gardens while planting a few seedlings to get us started. Watching a five-year-old climb a tree to read her books. Spotting a three-year-old overjoyed at once again being allowed to play with brimming watering cans to construct his backyard pond. Admiring a one-year-old eager to master her stair-climbing skills. Chatting with neighbors, enjoying outside meals with loved ones, watching the evening light stretch longer--these are the cherished gifts of hours spent together outside in the sunshine on a beautiful March day.

So although it's early, and there will be more inside days ahead, it won't be long before we are all exclaiming the final line from our beloved springtime book: "Spring had come to the city. Spring had come to stay."

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