At the beach

When a week-long gift of record-breaking warmth is sent to New England, in March, we embrace it with full gratitude and vigor. Today, as temperatures climbed into the 80s here in Boston, the kids and I hopped onto the subway to a nearby urban beach to soak in this perfect day.

Days like this one, bright, warm, full days when my children can dig, and splash, and build, and wander--especially when the calendar has us shaking our heads--make me truly grateful for the freedom and flexibility of a homeschooling lifestyle.

They also remind me how, in just a few short months, my children have grown. Instead of eating sand, my youngest is now digging in it. Instead of racing off fearlessly into the ocean, my three-year-old first dips in a toe. Instead of building sand castles according to her own rules, my five-year-old considers ways to involve her little brother. Lots of changes since October.

And yet, they are still little, so little. Too little to fully appreciate the gift of a March beach day in New England. Luckily I can.