An Irish Toast

I'm Irish. I love leprechauns, Celtic music, boiled dinners, and Guinness. I also love an excuse to throw a backyard party with our neighbors and a whole gaggle of kids to celebrate friendship, togetherness, community. So that's just what we did tonight, in honor of this most-Irish of holidays.

Like any good St. Patrick's Day party, there was laughing and tale-telling, food and spirits, and a warm acknowledgement that spring is coming and there will be many more moments of backyard merriment with good neighbors and friends as the days grow brighter.

Here is my Irish toast for the evening. Cheers, friends!

An Irish Toast
by Kerry McDonald

May your home be filled with laughter,
Far more than sorrow;
May you live for today,
And not for tomorrow.

May your children know joy,
And little of strife;
May they welcome good friends,
To share a good life.

May your wisdom grow deeper,
Your ignorance shed;
May you find you are leading,
Much more than you're led.

May your days be full,
And your hearts even fuller;
May you find moments of still,
And make space for the stiller.

May you enjoy this journey,
Till the end of your days;
May your spirit be lifted,
While your memory stays.