HSLDA Radio Interview

I was interviewed today for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association's (HSLDA) radio program, Homeschool Heartbeat. Although the HSLDA is an admittedly Christian-focused homeschooling organization, their advocacy work has certainly helped to defend and advance the rights of all homeschoolers. I was delighted to be contacted by them. Here is the transcript from our brief interview:

Mike Farris, HSLDA: Today I’m joined by Kerry McDonald, a homeschool mom of three in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Kerry, welcome to the show! Kerry, a lot of your blog focuses on your experience of homeschooling your children in a big city. What made you decide to share your journey with the internet audience?

Kerry: I started writing my blog, City Kids Homeschooling, because I think there is an increasing number of urban parents who want to remain city-dwellers but who are not interested in a city's public or private school offerings. For a growing number of these parents, homeschooling can be a great option. Homeschooling in the city is really exciting! In my blog, I try to showcase how urban homeschooling involves using the city and its many resources as our primary learning tools. I hope to show current and prospective city homeschoolers that they can build a robust and engaging curriculum using the city's museums (which often have homeschooling-specific programs), and other city resources like libraries, universities, public spaces, numerous cultural events, and interesting neighbors. So City Kids Homeschooling encourages urban parents to give homeschooling a try!

Mike Farris, HSLDA: It’s always enjoyable to hear about the different ways families across America approach homeschooling. It’s important to show the public the diverse ways people choose to homeschool.

Today I’ll be asking our guests from this week how they have been impacted by writing a blog about homeschooling. How have your readers responded, and what type of impact does this have on you? Kerry?

Kerry: I really enjoy meeting current and prospective homeschooling parents at park days and other homeschooling activities and hearing, "hey I enjoy following your blog." I hope that it's encouraging some parents to remain city-dwellers and homeschool their kids.

Mike Farris, HSLDA: Thank you all so much for joining us this week, and thank you for putting a real face on homeschooling for your readers. I’m Mike Farris.