Winter Throwbacks

It's wet. It's been wet for several days now and is scheduled to be so for several more. Ick. I feel like we're back to our mid-winter routine, with lots of baking, playdough, sink play, indoor forts, and inside playdates. In between raindrops, we are still managing to make it to the playground or get out for a walk, but it's wet. And cold.

So as not to get too depressed about the forecast, we headed to the museum this morning, along with everyone else it seems! It is field trip season too which added to the crowds. I find if we get there by 9 and leave by 10:30 or 11, we can see a lot before the space gets too unmanageable.

The ability to frequently stop in at museums for short spurts here and there is yet another benefit of city homeschooling. And as the kids age and become more interested in specific topics, we can target our museum trips to certain museum sections, like dinosaurs or Monet or electricity, rather than feel the need to consume an entire museum in one trip.

Hopefully the sun pops out again soon and we can get back to enjoying springtime in the city. But in the meantime, we'll try to make the most of our favorite "winter" activities.