Sick Day Quarantine

M had a fever yesterday afternoon which broke by bedtime, but today we are following the requisite 24-hour post-fever quarantine just to be sure we don't spread any lingering germs. Self-imposed quarantines with otherwise healthy children on 70-degree Fridays create some challenges in the city, where, of course, we are surrounded by people. Parks are crowded, a nearby bike path has a too-tempting playground that would be sure to create an off-limits meltdown, and our condo building's backyard gets visited by small neighbors, so we decided to head to "the woods," or what we jokingly call the small patch of tree-laden grounds surrounding the nearby American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

It's a lovely little city oasis which is largely unknown. We grabbed books to read, and did some wildflower-picking, worm-digging, and squirrel-counting. As nice as the day was, I'll be glad when quarantine is over and we can re-join civilization tomorrow.