The Library

Homeschoolers know that libraries are gems. We rely on them for a great deal of our learning and exploration, and city homeschoolers are especially lucky to have so many library branches within easy walking or subway distance.

I am in love with our public library. We live a block from the main branch which was completely renovated and expanded. Access to this breathtaking and abundant library is one of the primary reasons that we can't ever imagine leaving our neighborhood. With a very active toddler, I only get about five minutes to scope out books, but luckily we can visit as often as we want. In a few more years, I can see the library being the cornerstone of our homeschooling experience, complete with homeschooling-specific activities, city-wide parent-child book clubs, chess clubs for kids, and an array of lectures and special events.

I don't know if M truly appreciates how fortunate we are to live next door to the library, but I do know that visiting it is an almost-daily part of our homeschool routine which deeply enriches our learning.