Kitchen Table

I mentioned that we are doing a small kitchen renovation, mainly because there are now five of us in our small city condo and we need more room for all of us to eat in our kitchen given that the dining room was long ago converted into M's room/the playroom.

One of my biggest challenges was selecting a table that would be small and sleek enough for our busy kitchen, but functional enough to expand for more diners, and durable enough to withstand heavy use by active little people.

I think I found a good solution with a table that extends to seat 12+ people and won't otherwise overwhelm the kitchen space. I also found a classic black chalkboard to place above it, completing the look of my country kitchen. Even though we don't follow a "school at home" model of homeschooling, it will be fun to have the kitchen at least look the part!

(Note: This is the photo of the table in our kitchen after the renovation.)