City & Culture

Cities are cultural meccas uniting creative artists and performers with eager audiences. In fact, taking advantage of the cultural offerings in most big cities would create a robust arts curriculum for any family, homeschooling or not. And I don't mean only pricey trips to the symphony or the ballet. One of the great advantages of homeschooling in the city is the ability to take advantage of the quantity and variety of free or low-cost cultural offerings, like street performers, sidewalk musicians, outdoor theatre, city festivals, and university-affiliated performances.

As an example, on our walk today through Harvard Square to a popular playground, we stumbled upon the animated and entertaining dress rehearsal for the outdoor evening theatre performance of "Man = Carrot Circus," a show performed by the Vermont-based traveling acting troupe, Bread & Puppet.
The playground became an afterthought for the kids compared to the exciting opportunity to watch talented actors and listen to musicians prepare for their evening performance.

These unexpected and enriching cultural happenings help to make city homeschooling interesting and engaging, and add to the vibrancy of city parenting.