Weekly Mothering Challenge #6 - Seek Moments of Still

Personal mom time is important. It keeps us invigorated, calm, and able to avoid the burn-out that could otherwise so easily occur with homeschooling.

I am learning to seek quiet moments of still throughout my days. Moments like this one when the littles are napping and my preschooler is reading quietly to herself. Moments when the kids are playing and engaged, and I can read a couple of pages of a book, or check my e-mail, or write, or knit a couple of rows...or just shut my eyes and take a breath. It's these moments, as short and sporadic as they are, that help me to recharge and re-engage with the important work of mothering.

So this week, let's seek more moments of still. Weave in some personal time during your busy days, encouraging the kids to entertain themselves while you focus a few moments on yourself. As brief as these still moments may be, they can make all the difference in maintaining our mothering stamina.