Stop and Watch the Construction

Living in the city means there is always one or more construction or renovation projects nearby, and while we tolerate the inconveniences of sidewalk closures and traffic back-ups that these projects generate, we delight in the many opportunities to watch big trucks push piles of dirt, big cranes lift giant pieces of steel, and workers use their skills and interesting tools to measure, cut, drill, sand, hammer, and create.

On our walk to the park this morning, the kids-- especially my two-year-old-- became engrossed in watching the workers lay a new patio, and the experience provided new inspiration for J's ongoing pretend play, using sticks as drills and hammers and saws and diggers. We lingered for a long while, shelving our playground plans.

City homeschooling offers an array of these spontaneous, community-based learning moments that often prove much more fascinating than the playground.