Convenient Care

Sometimes the city is too convenient. It's one of its few drawbacks, I think. We can get lazy and lulled into frequenting the closest, most convenient places, whether or not they are really the best fit for us.

So it was with our doctor's office. Why look elsewhere when a reputable medical group is only steps from the front door? (For one answer, read my recent post on "From Hospital to Home Birth" to see my progression away from my very convenient obstetrician.)

Still, it was hard to pass up the convenience of doctors who were so close and so accessible. But as I have shifted my thinking, mainly since my daughter's January homebirth, to reclaiming control over issues related to my family's well-being, I realized that the convenient, conventional medical practice around the corner no longer fit with my broader, more holistic view of family health and wellness.

So, now we are traveling. Out of town in fact. To a respected family medicine practice with a focus on integrative health and holistic care. To a doctor who will care for our entire family as an integrated unit and respect home, family, and Mother Nature as the central sources of health and wellness.

I am becoming more discerning about the choices I make regarding family care, and am broadening my scope beyond the city's inconvenient as it may be.