The Music Room

We recently created a music room in our small city condo. True to the Victorian era in which our building was erected, we have a double parlor in the front of our home. The first parlor room we use as the living room, and the second room was the "den" where my husband often worked during late evenings and where our television was located.

The second parlor room had been a topic of discussion for quite some time. As we focused more steadily on simplifying home and childhood, we were growing increasingly aware of the disconnect that this room was displaying. Eventually it became clear to us that we wanted all of the rooms in our home to reflect what we as a family value.

In place of cable and television, we now have a piano and guitar -- and various play instruments as well. Our music room was born! I play the guitar a bit, but none of us plays the piano and we are eager to learn as a family. We're not rushing into lessons for the kids for awhile, but they are having a blast exploring the keys, pretending with the sheet music, making up songs, and performing little duets.

Already the feel of both front parlors has changed. They seem warmer, more inviting, more child-centered, and more reflective of the things we value and strive toward. I don't expect we'll be the von Trapps, but there is something comforting about our home now showcasing an entertainment room more representative of its Victorian roots-- and more representative of who we are as a family.