Cerebral Homemaking

I envy the moms for whom homemaking comes naturally. You know, the moms who effortlessly knit and sew their family's clothing while succulent homemade feasts from their lavish gardens sizzle in their ovens. The moms who know how to make their own yogurt as if it's like tying a shoe. The moms who know how to design their homes to capture warmth and creativity. The moms who just know.

Homemaking would be much simpler if I had this inner wisdom. For me, homemaking is very cerebral. I think about mastering knitting and sewing and cooking and gardening and yogurt-making, fully realizing that it will take many years to achieve proficiency.

In his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell explains the "10,000-hour rule," referring to the amount of time it takes to master a particular skill or profession.

10,000 hours, huh?

I'm plodding away. And maybe someday my grandchildren will say, wow, Nana knows so much... and her yogurt sure is yummy.