Homebirthing on the Rise

I was delighted to read this article in yesterday's Boston Globe indicating that home births rose a stunning 20 percent between 2004 and 2008, according to CDC data.

The article mentions that some doctors believe there may be a "feminist machoism" mindset leading the trend toward more home births. That seems like a silly characterization to me. While there are many reasons why women choose home births, I think being "macho" is far down on the list.

For me, choosing a home birth was all about safety. After two highly-medicalized, OB-orchestrated births with complications resulting from hospital interventions, I chose a home birth for my third baby. While I believe in home-birthing philosophically, my primary reason for choosing this option was because I honestly felt that having a natural birth at my home in the presence of experienced midwives, with hospitals nearby if necessary, was the safest place for both my baby and me. And it was utterly life-changing. You can click here to read my full home birth story if interested.

I am thrilled to see that home births are gaining in popularity and I hope that more women will consider this simple, yet extraordinary, option for birthing their babies.