Why I Blog

I feel like this blog has evolved with me. It started out as a semi-private space in which to share news and images of our days with close family members and friends, and then a few months back I said, what the heck, why not invite anyone who is interested to take a peek.

I find myself increasingly grateful for the bloggers I follow who share their parenting triumphs and challenges and offer glimpses of their worlds. It's fun, isn't it, to see snapshots of other families' lives and homes and perspectives? I have gathered many new ideas and updated old ones from the blogs I refer to daily, many of which are listed over in the sidebar.

Blogging is replenishing for me. I squeeze it into quiet moments here and there, like when I am nursing A to sleep and the big kids are playing quietly... or getting into quiet mischief as the case may be. It allows me to truly capture the joy of mothering three young children among all the messes that this job entails.

I hope you like visiting. I'm very glad you're here.