Cloth Diapers

The folks over at the Natural Parents Network are in the midst of their "Freedom of Cloth" blog carnival, which includes some wonderful stories and resources for cloth diapering families.

I started using cloth diapers when J was an infant and M was potty-training. Suddenly I realized how much I enjoyed just washing her little undies rather than dealing with big boxes of plastic diapers. I visited a wonderful local resource, Diaper Lab, in nearby Somerville which allowed me to do a one-week cloth diapering trial with a variety of diapers to see if I liked them. I was hooked!

Now J is still using the one-size pocket diapers I bought for him as an infant and A has used pre-folds since the day she was born. It does mean some extra laundry, but even with our basement washer and dryer that we share with our upstairs neighbors, cloth diapers have been so much more pleasurable than plastic.

The only tricky part is lugging two bags of diapers to the lakehouse and I admit to using disposables there at times, particularly for short visits. But for our next extended stay, I am bringing both sets of cloth diapers... and frankly they are easier to smoosh into our small car than a big box of disposables!